Episode 1 – Selfie Spot in Tokyo, AKB48 Cafe & Shop

Find out Cool places to visit as selfie spot in Tokyo! Amanda Zevannya and Elfin Rappa will also take you to AKB48 Cafe & Shop!


Episode 2 – Yokohama

Amanda Zevannya and Elfin Rappa will take us to cool places in Yokohama!


Episode 3 – Hakone, Yamanashi, Fujikyu

Feel the adrenalin rush when we take you to Fujikyu! Dare to ride extreme roller coaster there?


Episode 4 – Matsumoto Castle, Wasabi, Soba making

Amanda Zevannya and Elfin will show you how to farm wasabi, make soba, and make Tanabata Ninggo. But not only that, they will also take us to Matsumoto castle and experience European influence in Karuizawa!


Episode 5 – Gifu, Tateyama

Amanda and Elfin will visit Gifu and Tateyama! Be amaze with its beautiful scenery! We will also go to places that will take us to Japan past time.


Episode 6 – Beauty, AEON Mall, Yuki Kimoto & Mai Iriya

Kazuyo Makino, a famous Japanese beauty producer will teach us about beauty care! Also, we will go shopping in AEON Mall Makuhari New City. A must go destination in Japan for shopping lovers :) And for you who miss Yuki Kimoto (Kokoro-chan), you have to watch this episode! She will be accompanied with Mai Iriya! There will be a lot of beauty in this episode!


Episode 7 – Tokushima

Amanda and Elfin will take us to Tokushima! Home of one of the biggest festival in the world, Awa Odori! They will also take us seeing Naruto whirlpool from close! We will take a look of the history of Pocari sweat and its maker Otsuka company.


Episode 8 – Tokyo Disneyland

Welcome to magical world of Disney in Japan, Tokyo Disneyland!


Episode 9 – Kumamoto

Amanda Zevannya and Elfin Rappa will visit Kumamoto, the place of famous character Kumamon!


Episode 10 – Hokkaido 01

Enjoy the beauty of Hokkaido! Part 1


Episode 11 – Hokkaido 02

Enjoy the beauty of Hokkaido! Part 2