Episode 1 – First Timer

Tomo arrived in Japan for the first time, but Kokoro’s not there to pick him up from the airport. With his loyal companion “The Yubisashi Guide Book” Tomo finds his way to the Maid Cafe in Akihabara where Kokoro is supposed to meet him. Seeing Kokoro in person for the first time after virtually knowing here for some time, Tomo is more than thrilled. Kokoro takes Tomo to see an action figures store, one of the things that Tomo could only dream of going. And he gets his chance to make his own action figure, really?? It was a perfect first day in Tokyo until Tomo misses his last train, what would he do….


Episode 2 – Fashion Madness

Tomo stays overnight at Internet café! He has a plan to take first train in the morning, back to the hotel and meet Kokoro fresh and ready for the 2nd day explore. BUT he overslept, and the knocks on the door wakes him up, an hour late from the meeting time… He has to brandish his flirting skill to make up to Kokoro, the Japanese girl and his only tour guide in this unfamiliar city. Well, he gets his fashion tour and lesson to dress up the Japanese way to impress his favorite Japanese singer, Lisa whom he’s meeting the next day.


Episode 3 – All About Music

“Today is the day, today I’ll meet Lisa!” An interview with Lisa nicely set up for Tomo who won the free ticket to Japan to see LiSA performance and the exclusive access to the backstage. They accidentally come across a group of young people practicing ‘wotagei’ dance in the park, where they unsurprisingly join them. They end their day singing-it-loud- and crazy in the karaoke room…


Episode 4 – Surprise…Surprise!

Kokoro has a bad dream – Tomo is leaving Tokyo today, which he is, originally… until he knocks on Kokoro’s apartment door and tells her that he just extended his stay in Tokyo. Kokoro is more than ecstatic to hear this! Kokoro takes Tomo to a photo studio where the ‘Gyaru’ models do their photo sessions. There Kokoro asks to be dressed up and made up the Gyaru style, Tomo is stunned by her beauty… The sun goes down and there they are sitting perfectly inside an Indonesian restaurant in Tokyo. They enjoy the dinner while their laughter is bringing them closer and closer…


Episode 5 – Techno-logic

Here Tomo is amazed by the transportation in Japan – it’s cleanliness, and up the minute punctuality! Later he and Kokoro go to one of the Japanese Automotive’s showroom and get to witness the advances technology behind the electric car in Japan. Tomo could only dream if he has that car back in Indonesia… It doesn’t stop there..Kokoro takes Tomo to see Japanese robot, yes and he rides in it! We’re not gonna tell you who is the Sato Sasara…just see the episode and you will know her!


Episode 6 – Kokoro & Tomo In Wonderland

Having seen the latest advanced Japanese technology, Kokoro is taking Tomo back to the past! Nikko Edo Wonderland, a theme park designed fully as the environment back to Edo era – Ninja and Samurai are roaming around the park. There, Kokoro and Tomo challenge each other in competitions of dart, archering, shuriken (a weapon used by the Ninjas). Kidnapped by the Ninja (Tomo thought), Kokoro is missing for some time and Tomo fights his way to rescue Kokoro, only later disappointed, angered when he sees Kokoro is eating Soba happily with a stranger… They has their biggest fight in history…


Episode 7 – The Separation

Kokoro and Tomo are going in their separate ways. Tomo goes to Sony PS4 showroom, where he meets up with Aoi Eir. Meanwhile Kokoro goes shopping and meeting her friend at a cafe. Tomo realizes that he misses Kokoro so much. On the next morning when Kokoro leaves her apartment, she sees an origami shuriken, with a hidden message…yes, Tomo is starting his flirting campaign again to get Kokoro back to his side. They promise not to leave each other again…


Episode 8 – The Perfect Ending

It’s finally Tomo’s last day in Tokyo, but he has not bought a single thing for his family back home. Armed with the last 10,000 yen in his pocket, he has to find a present from Japan fir his Mom, Dad, Brother, and etc. Raced also against the time as Kokoro promises to take him for a boat ride before he goes back to Indonesia, he and Kokoro has to play the racing game of ‘Buying all presents in two hours with 10,000 yen’. They won the game! And they are on the romantic boat ride ever together, a mixed feeling of sadness, happiness, missing each other. Until they sit by the beach together bidding farewell to each other (almost in tears), promising each other vaguely yet whole-heartedly that they will see each other again. The perfect ending.…?