Episode 1 – The Nation Of Fantasy

Modern Japanese society is highly shaped by “Anime” — Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of “animation”.   Japanese Anime has always been known and highly recognized worldwide. Characters inside the story can vary, from human to robot or to monster. But, one crucial point about Anime is the elements that we can learn through these Characters – morality, justice, heroism and sometimes the meaning of life. This may be the main reason why Anime has become a phenomenon, blossoming in Japanese society, reaching all genders and ages.


Episode 2 – Monotzukuri

Though it carries much more meaning than the word itself, ‘Monotzukuri’ is simply translated as the art of manufacturing. This episode will take the viewers for a tour of Japan Industrial Tourism (産業観光), exploring the meaning of Monotzukuri, and engaging an Indonesian who apply the art of monotzukuri in his work in Japan.   Japan is a base of many industries from the traditional industries of ceramics, katana to the unique and modern industry such as food displays crafting.  With thousands of small-medium enterprise (SME), Japan is also famous as the “Kingdom of Monotzukuri” , as it will be explored in this episode.


Episode 3 – Rules Is Not To Break

People around the world are amazed with how Japanese uphold the value of Discipline in their society and almost every aspect of their life. In this nation, rule is to be obeyed – if people act in order, a smooth living and working environment will be created.


Episode 4 – One Year After

A devastating tsunami hit Indonesia in 2004, and Japan in 2011. But, there is a very huge gap with what has happened post-disaster… Through this disaster, Japan showed and touched the world through their display of caring among the victims. There are videos that captured the real scenes of this noble characters being displayed throughout the post disaster recovery.   And if you remember Oshin, this is her hometown!


Episode 5 – Side-By-Side With Nature

The journey is continuing to Hokkaido, the color of Japan. In this episode we will discover the Japanese culture of living close with the nature. After showing the magnificent panorama of Hokkaido, we will visit an elementary school to find out how schools in Japan educate their children in order to protect their lovely environment.


Episode 6 – Oishii

If the panorama is beautiful, the food is delicious in Hokkaido! In this episode we will discover why the seafood and the dairy products in Hokkaido is very fresh and of high quality!


Episode 7 – Back To Tradition

Gifu is located precisely in the center of Japan, and home to the many unique Japanese local spots and customs. Gifu owns the most open-air hot spring baths and the famous Hida beef, arguably the best Wagyu that you can find! The region is famous for its UNESCO world heritage Shirakawa-go, a village in a remote mountain and famous for its “Gotong Royong” (Co-operation) tradition.


Episode 8 – Clean Is Healthy

Everyone knows Japan is a clean country, so we’ll see how ‘cleanliness’ is embedded into their culture and daily lifestyle. The Japanese use the same word ‘kirei’ (綺麗) for “clean” and “beautiful”. Japanese taxi drivers wear white gloves to indicate the immaculate state of their taxis. Their Fish market is one of the biggest and most crowded in the world, and yet you don’t have to hold your breath for the fishy smell while you are inside – as there is no fishy smell!