Episode 1 – Anime Behind The Scene

Kokoronotomo’s loyal fan, Ditto, got a big surprise from Amanda, the Program Host. She took Ditto to Japan! This 16-year old boy, who fell in love to the Japanese culture especially, Manga (Comic), since childhood, has a chance to go to Japan for his very first time and learn about the making of Anime, one of biggest industries in Japan. They also explore the ‘Maid Café’ to enjoy the ‘kawaii’ food and experience the unique atmosphere and services.


Episode 2 – Women and Future

Supporting the third largest economy in the world, Japanese women play serious roles in almost every industry in Japan. Watch Amanda’s exclusive interview with Ratna Sari Dewi Soekarno, the wife of Indonesia’s first President Soekarno, who is living in Japan now. We learn about women and their vision trough this episode. Ah not forgetting, Amanda cuddles the iconic Hello Kitty in this episode.


Episode 3 – Kyoto Heritage

Kyoto was a former capital of Japan and also one of the oldest metropolitan cites in Asia. You’ll see many ancient (Budha) temples, also their traditional sweet-food / snacks such as Wagashi. Wagashi is often inseparable from Chado, a Japanese Tea Ceremony, which has been practiced over hundred years until now. See Amanda walks along the streets of the old Kyoto wearing the Maiko (apprentice Geisha) dress. Lose yourself in the old Japan for a moment…


Episode 4 – Culture

Preserving their traditional culture from the generation to generation is one of the things the Japanese do best. You would see the hundred of years shrine remain right in the middle of the famous Harajuku area, known internationally as the center of Japanese youth culture and fashion. In this episode, Amanda will meet the Indonesians from the Indonesian Community in Japan (ICJ), who are having their regular gathering in the green and beautiful Yoyogi Park. Surrounded by the fountain pond, lines of trees, cherry blossoms in Spring, and sometimes accompanied by hip-hop dancers, Elvis-inspired pompadours, not forgetting the running poodles, sitting and chatting in this park is definitely one leisure relief in the midst of the busy Tokyo.


Episode 5 – Pop Culture

Complete your Japan experience in Gotemba, one of the most popular premium oulets mall. Located in Shizuoka prefecture, you can do your shopping at the many branded stores here while catching glimpse of the magnificient Mt Fuji! See also the 1/1 real size scale of the mighty Gundam statue at Odaiba, the man-made island that has recently developed as a major commercial, residential and leisure area in Tokyo.


Episode 6 – Modern Beauty

It’s not a secret that Harajuku is often said as one of the fashion capitol in the world. Latest trend and scent of unique-ness spread along this district, especially in Takeshita and Ura-Harajuku. Here, we can see Amanda transform into ‘kawaii’ Japanese girl – strolling the street with a famous model and Japanese singer, Haruna Luna. Oh and meet Rosie, a beauty consultant from Jember, Indonesia who dedicated her life in the Japanese beauty and fashion world for almost 10 years.


Episode 7 – Kyushu Part 1

Khatulistiwa is a musical group made up of the Indonesian living in Japan, who has successfully blended modern and Indonesian traditional music instruments in their music. Amanda sings along with them to open this episode before she goes to Kumamoto Castle. This gigantic castle was built over 400 years ago, and was burnt down during a civil war at Meiji era, but was restored until the present day. Kumamoto Castle was very famous for its unique design, for being un-penetrable from the outside.


Episode 8 – Kyushu part 2

This is Beppu, which is famous for its Onsen (hot spring) and located in Oita Prefecture. Amanda meets Victor, an Indonesian who works in one of Universities in Beppu and she will take us to one prehistoric site, Yoshinogari. It is said that this site is dated back to 400 BC. Here Amanda learns how to make Washi, the Japanese traditional paper. Sometimes seeing the past help us to understand more of the present, isn’t it?